Card Controls

Card Controls is an easy to use feature that gives you control over the transactions that are processed on your debit card. You can enable or disable these features at any time through the Card Controls option on the TNB Mobile App.

TNB Mobile App Card Control features:

  • Adding and Disabling Cards: You can enable and disable cards anywhere, at any time, via the TNB Mobile App.
  • Location Based Card Controls: You can limit the regions where your debit card can be used.
  • Transaction Type Controls: You can limit how your debit card is used by excluding certain transactions like Bill Pay or ATM transactions.
  • Merchant Type Controls: You can limit what types of merchants can run your debit card based on the merchant.
  • Threshold Amount Controls: you can set a dollar amount limit for card transactions.

The benefit to all these features is to help protect you from fraud in the event of card skimming, loss, and theft by limiting how your debit card information can be used.

Here’s How It Works!

  1. Log in to TNB Mobile App
  2. At the bottom menu bar, click “More”
  3. Select “Card Controls” to continue
  4. Click “Add” in the upper right hand to continue
  5. You will select the debit card(s) you would like to enroll
  6. Select “Done” once all desired debit cards have been chosen
  7. You can now begin managing your transaction settings through the Card Controls feature


Card Alerts

With the TNB Mobile App you can also capture your debit card transaction alert preferences with the Card Alerts feature.

You can choose to receive all transaction-related alerts or you can choose specific alerts based on the following types of transactions:

  • Merchant Type
  • Transaction Type
  • International
  • Transaction Limit

Here’s how it works!

  1. Log in to TNB Mobile App
  2. At the bottom menu bar, click “More”
  3. Select “Alerts” to continue
  4. Select the category to enable specific alerts

Card Alerts FAQ’s

What are Card Alerts?
Card Alerts allow you to customize the alerts on your mobile device from cards enrolled in card controls. You can activate or deactivate card alerts, set card alerts for specific types of merchants and/or transaction types, and select a threshold transaction amount for receiving a card alert.

How are Merchant Types Alerts Used?
Use Merchant Type alerts to receive an alert whenever the enrolled card is used with specific categories of merchants, such as restaurants and department stores. For example, you can disable the Merchant Type alerts for groceries and fuel for everyday purchases, but enable alerts for entertainment and travel.

How are Transaction Types Alerts Used?
Use the Transaction Type alerts to control which types of transactions trigger an alert. For example, if you do not often make online purchases, you could enable eCommerce alerts.  This will send you an alert when an enrolled card is used in an online transaction.

What is a Threshold Amount Alert?
A Threshold Amount alert is the dollar amount that, if exceeded, will trigger an alert. If a transaction exceeds your defined amount, an alert will be delivered to your mobile device.

What is the International Alert?
The International Alert is similar to the transaction type alerts, but it is a category of its own. It can be set to on or off. If International is enabled, an alert will be delivered any time the card is used in a transaction outside of the registered country.