Texas National bank is dedicated to conducting business in a safe and secure way. Thanks to TNB File Share you can upload documents to any member of our team securely.  

Benefits to using TNB File Share:

Safely conduct business from your desktop, smartphone, or tablet

Send confidential documents though a secure portal vs. sending them by email

Secures the files being uploaded using industry - standard encryption protocols


1. Click on the TNB File Share button to be directed to our secure upload site
2. Choose who you are sending the documents to from the drop-down menu 
3. Fill in the information of the individual uploading the documents
4. Drag and drop your files then click upload!

If the individual you are sending the documents to is not an option in the drop-down menu, you will need to choose General Upload as the recipient. Once you have filled out the sender’s information you can type in the name of the recipient in the “Deliver to” box. Once your documents have been uploaded, they will be routed to them.

Click here to get started: