Texas National Bank offers customers the convenience and security of safe deposit boxes in our Mercedes location. Safe deposit boxes are available in a variety of sizes and are the perfect place to store items such as:

  • Personal Documents (birth certificates, marriage licenses, passports, etc.)
  • Personal Deeds and Titles
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Insurance Policies and an Inventory of Personal Possessions
  • Contracts
  • Financial Documents
  • Miscellaneous Valuables (jewelry, antiques, collectibles, family heirlooms, etc.)

Safe Deposit Boxes are accessible during regular banking hours only.

Boxes are available in the following sizes:

  • 3 in × 5 in – $20.00 a yr.
  • 3 in × 10 in – $35.00 a yr.
  • 5 in × 10 in – $50.00 a yr.
  • 10 in × 10 in – $70.00 a yr.

To check our Safe Deposit Box availability contact our Mercedes location.

Check your fee schedule for fees associated with Safe Deposit Boxes.

Contents not FDIC insured.