1. Once you are logged into your online banking account select "Make an external transfer" to set up your transfer account.

2. Select "Add External Account".

3. Once you click "Add external Account" fill in the required information from your external account ensuring that all information is accurate.

4. Once you have filled in your information you will go through the account verification process which will consist of 2 microdeposits. You will receive an email once your account is ready to confirm.

The microdeposits will take 2-3 days to show in your account. If you would like to check the status of your account you may click on "Manage External Accounts".

This is an example of the confirmation email that is going to be sent.

5. One you receive your confirmation email, log back in to your online banking account and click "Manage External Accounts" under the Make External Transfer tab. You will need to type in two microdeposits that you show within your account. Once that is completed your status will have changed to Confirmed.

If you do not receive the confirmed status, please verify that you have typed in the two amounts correctly.

Make a Loan Payment

1. Click on the Pay and Transfer tab and choose "Make a Loan Payment"

2. Before you begin, verify that both the external account and your TNB loan are showing

You have the option to Set Up Repeating Payments by checking the box.

3. To set up a payment, verify your Pay From Account (external Account) and your Pay to (TNB Loan).

Choose if you are submitting a regular monthly payment or a principal only payment.
Select the date you would like the payment to process.

4. You will be prompted to review and submit your payment.

5. Once your payment has been processed you will receive the below confirmation screen.

If you would like to keep record of your payments, make note of or print out your confirmation.